Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Strawberry harvesting....

While i was away from my sewing room and from my system, the most requested pattern was strawberry crochet pattern. It was always a freebie on my blog since 2010. I don't know how the settings changed, i was getting too many request to access the pattern.

Sorry for the delay in replying...i have tried my level best to share the pattern and hope everyone could access it. If i have missed out anyone of your request, please feel free to download it.

I have now changed the settings, and hope everyone can easily download the pattern. Please try the link below to access the pattern, please let me know if there is any difficulty.

After getting so many requests, 
i decided to make a handful of strawberries to display on my dressing table..
This time i added seed beads to give it more natural look...

If someone who is reading this have tried this pattern, please do share a beautiful picture of your finish, i will share your work on my blog with a link to your album or blog.

Glad to know that so many people loved this pattern.

Looking forward for your beautiful finishes.

Until next time..

Have a nice day....nima

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trying to get back on track....

At times life throw challenges at you; we try and learn new techniques to go through it....when we come out of it, soon we realize new challenges are waiting for

It is always a challenge when things are not same...but life should go on..and we try and push and drag ourselves off track and we survive. The lessons that we learn during this challenges are going to be an asset for us to face new challenges ....

2015...i'm completing 10 years of blogging. I started blogging 10 years back to show off my small achievements in my needlecraft passion. Later it became a documenting process and i found it interesting to read back and realize I'm slowly growing day by day and year by year along with my passion in needle-crafting.

Now when i look back I'm glad to see i have learned tons of new things in needle crafting and still finding tons and tons of new things to learn in needle-crafting.

It has been 5 weeks since I'm back home and back in my sewing room...I was totally confused from where to start ...what to do...i was missing everything cross stitching, hardanger, crochet, quilting, sewing...everything. My mind was full of ideas and i was not getting much focus on one single thing to do...

While browsing thru pages i stopped at a beautiful crochet finish at the Littlemonkeys crochet . It was a free pattern but i made something else inspired from that pattern.

Crochet Grit stitch , this was my first attempt doing this stitch and i loved it...
It is giving so much texture to the finish....that was indeed a lovely pattern...

New addition to my cushion collection...The colors got a bit dull without proper lighting..

Looking forward to learn more stitches that give texture....

With a panic of starting all together in this few weeks time i have 4 baskets of wip...and 2 wip in my cupboard that i have left last year when i left my sewing room...hope to finish off one by one soon...

Along with learning new things in needle crafting i made lots of new friends through my
"Made to Treasure" page on this blogger platform and on the Facebook . I realized it when i started to get private messages from fellow bloggers and followers enquiring if everything is fine with me. It was a good feeling to know that someone who don't know me personally is missing my blog post and updates and checking if everything is alright. Thank you so much for all your messages. I hope i will be able to blog more often.

Thanking so much for stopping by with your lovely comments...

Hope to come back soon with another finish..

Until next time..

Have a nice day...nima

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking forward for a beautiful New year 2015

2014 was an awesome year, I got a fabulous sewing room exclusively for my needle work craziness. But I haven't used it completely . I was out of my small world for more than half of the year, so was away from my sewing world. 
This is a collage of handful of items I made this year.

I'm looking forward for a fabulous 2015, with more time in my sewing room, making loads of beautiful stuff and also day dreaming.

Wishing all my crafty friends and followers a blessed and fruitful 2015..

Until we see next year...

Have a beautiful NewYears eve....Nima

Monday, December 22, 2014

Blessings for the season

Many of you know, how much I enjoy making christmas stuff during this season, to give a makeover to our small world. But this time I'm totally lost and away from our small world. It is sad to think our small world will not have the smell and colors of christmas during this festive season.

But what to do ... Priorities can force you to choose something that is not very pleasant. 

I was aiming to make 100 crochet snowflakes to decorate our place. It got stopped at 30. My plans for christmas all got shattered. But I hope God must have kept something good for us for many more Christmas to come.

When I got the mail from Avenue 247 asking for my christmas products... All my suppressed emotions of not making christmas stuff was overflowing from my heart in the form of tears... One of the most frustrating moment in last few months. I had to painfully tell them sorry for this time.

With a most silent page on Facebook for long time...I'm glad that recently it crossed 1500 likes. I'm so happy to know that people are interested to see my old works and they are looking forward to see the page get an update. So to keep up the spirit I decided to upload my favorite christmas finishes on my FB page. You can visit my fb page from the link on the rigt side bar.

From the regular surface embroidery that I learned from my Amma at the age of 8... And representing my school for the craft fair/competition at the age of 10. Earning a brand new sewing machine at the age of 12 from my Appa ... And all the effort my darling taking to source all the needed stuff for modern needle crafting, I never expected my passion for needle crafting will take me to this level. 

I'm glad that I'm utilizing all the time and energy that God have given me in the fruitful way.

When I complete 10 years of needle craft blogging next year, I hope I can make and share and sell more and more of handmades and looking forward to many more years of blogging and exploring new areas of needle crafting.

To all my crafty friends, blog visitors and followers, thank you so much for taking time to stop by and write a comment. 

Wishing everyone of you blessings for the season and looking forward for a beautiful 2015.

Until next time...

Have a nice holiday.... Nima

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Before i take a break…

After Christmas sewing spree during last year, I'm opening my sewing machine only few days back.

My mind was kind of blank and was always day dreaming while in my sewing room.

I tried to whip up few small projects to practice …i almost forgot how to sew a straight line.

Yesterday when i realized I'm going to miss my sewing room for next few weeks, i got the lost mojo back for few hours

and….I made it…

lined zipper pouch 

…believe me..not one….

lined pouches

and not 2…

zipper pouches

..made four pouches …

I pieced and finished it at a shot from my own pattern that i made 2 years back.. Lined side zipper pouch

…in less than 3 hours…

All the fabrics that i used are upholstery weight fabric…

2 of them are Ikea prints..the other 2 i got it from India..nothing branded...

I’m so very happy that i could sew something beautiful after a long time.

At the same time I have challenged myself to make 100 crochet snowflakes for Christmas…

and I'm crocheting it along with few of my friends…

When it is 14 weeks away from Christmas..crocheting snowflakes is going on as planned..

I have finished almost 30+ and have to block few more…

here is a sneak peak of my progress…

crochet snowflakes

I’m blocking it when i finish 10 pieces…otherwise..i might go mad when i see a whole lot together…

Hope to block next 10 pieces before i take a small break….

but don’t know if i will be able to whip up snowflakes when I'm away from my home and sewing room.

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and post a comment on my blog..

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It is a triangle doily

I was working on this before i went for a break.

It is again from the same pattern book Pineapple doilies.

 corner triangle doily

Not really excited about the thread i used..

It was some unbranded cotton thread from my stash..

… i thought i will use it and see how it will look..

But not very happy with it..glad that i don't have much of it in my stash…

 triangle doily

This pattern has a second part too..but for the time being…I'm done with this…

I would love to try the complete doily with some other beautiful thread.

hmmm…looking forward for it…

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting back to my sewing room

It is always a pleasure for me to come back to my sewing room and day dream. 

After getting an exclusive space for my passion in our new house, I'm yet to settle down properly.. I need some more time to make this space picture perfect. 

But the view outside the room is pretty green during this hot weather, when the temperature outside is around 40 degree Celsius during the mid day.

I'm back home after a few weeks trip to India. 

I usually shop fabrics and crochet threads while in India, this time I thought I have enough stash and I will not shop anything .

But I couldn't resist myself when I saw some rich trimmings,


And some pretty laces...

And my friend Ninu added 2 more to my pretty lace collection

Hmmmm.... It is better I start to work on something seriously...than day dreaming..

Hope to come back soon with something interesting...

Until next time...

Have a nice day.... Nima

Friday, June 6, 2014

Another CAL with my friend

At times life can get busy with only time for our priorities... Month of May was something like that with a relocation and family events...

Even though I was busy , my mind was relaxed and hands were busy with a Crochet along that I was working on with my best buddy Ninu..

This beautiful doily pattern is from the book Pineapple doily, which I have already blogged about..

I started the project while this 4 seater was our formal dining table.. But when we moved to our new place the table was transformed into our breakfast table.. Hmmm.. 

I used cotton yarn to make a doily into tablecloth. It decently covers my 40" table with enough hang around. The finished size is 60"... And I just love this on my breakfast table.

This is a quick post and pics are not great.. I'm moving out of my den for few day... Can be few weeks... Sometimes it can be few months until I come back...

Sweet good bye to all my followers and thank you for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time

Have a nice day.... Nima

Ps: sorry I couldn't post link to my friend Ninu's page or to Pineapple doily book. Hope my readers will be familiar with their links from my previous posts. This is the first time I'm posting from my iPad.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It all started with Pink and Green

in a row
It all started with the discovery of pink and green rayon thread from my stash..
pink and green thread

It was there in my stash for almost 4-5 years now…
it just happened to pop out while i was searching for something else…
I was thinking what to do with this typical girlish colours…
Picked up some jewelry making stuff..and decided to make something girlish..
After making few crochet dangling almost  2 years back, i have not made any crochet jewelry..

crochet bangles with butterfly charm

I decided to whip up a pair of  bangles with few charms,
for my friend’s daughter who celebrated her first teen birthday on April fools day..

crochet earings

I just loved this earrings too …

I also tried a crochet pendant in this pretty pink and green..

pendant with chain

I’m not really a jewelry maker, but always love to whip up something girlish..

pendant in pink and green

that’s it for now…

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..
Until next time..
Have a nice day..nima

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doily Gift Wrapping

Everyday i get a lot of request for doilies..But i haven't sell a single piece of doily as yet.
My friends always ask me what i do with all these doilies i make…
I tell them, i gift it…
I know some of you who are reading this might have got a doily from me as a gift..
This time…i did a small drama with the doily for gifting…
gift wrapped doily
I was planning to gift a bowl as well as a doily ..
so I decided to wrap the bowl using the doily instead of a wrapping paper..
This was a doily in pretty pink that i have already talked about…
pice apple lace pink doily 1
I liked this idea of gift wrapping using doilies…
another great way to gift doilies…
Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..
Until next time..
Have a nice day..nima

Monday, March 24, 2014

Crochet along with my friend

If we do it along with a friend, who keeps you motivated…that is the most lovely time to work along..

Myself and Ninu were planning for a CAL since we both got the Pineapple lace book…

pineapple runner

Both of us, lovers of pineapple lace , we decided to do a table runner ..

cal pineapple runner

From my earlier posts , you must have guessed I'm a lazy bump to repeat a pattern..

This runner worked because of the crochet along, otherwise i would have sidelined it to my WIP bin…

repeating the same pattern 3 times would have been a boring job for me..

crochet pineapple lace runner

It is a 45”Lx15”W runner made out of Red Heart no.10, with1.25mm hook size .

It was a pleasure to crochet along with Ninu, you can see her finished piece of work in her FB page,

My Experiments with Needle n Thread

Looking forward for another CAL with Ninu.

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another beauty from the Ultimate doilies..

Looks like I talk about only crocheting doilies these days…

yes as i said is a therapy for me…

and i need this therapy for some more time..until my mind settles down…

ultimate doily with bead edging

This beauty is again from the collection of

Ultimate doilies by Patricia Kristofferson..

I know it is a teaser picture…but it was a bit challenging

to take a good picture while sun was playing hide and seek..

ultimate doily with  beads 2

This doily is 14” from point to point and made out of locally available No. 10 thread.

I love to work with No.10 thread and hook size 1.25mm/4,

when is comes to intricate pattern…

on gold sheet

There are many more patterns in that collection,

and I'm looking forward to do in coming days..

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crazy about pineapple lace

I think all doily makers love pineapple lace..

Recently my friend Ninu, introduced a new doily book to me ..

and i went crazy making pineapple lace…

pink pineapple

This one is in very light pink, not a branded cotton thread…

It is almost similar to Anchor knitting cotton…

I got size 22” with this size thread, but i think finer thread looks better for this pattern.

I decided to try a pillow this time…i have not tried a crochet pillow before…

pineapple pillow

For this i used the Anchor knitting cotton…

I reduced the size of the pattern to make it suitable for my cushions..

It is a 16” cushion insert, so i made an 18” lace

and lined it with matching fabric.

Now let me introduce the pattern book,

It is a Japanese pattern book in English with patterns in diagram.

pineapple lace book

When i saw beautiful pineapple patterns, i was so excited to get this book..

I checked online to order and I got it thru Sapnaonline.

Their service was quick and i picked it up when i went to India for 10 days.

It is an awesome book and perfect treasure for all pineapple pattern lovers.

But it has patterns only in diagram with a short pattern description.

So those who like to work with diagrams will enjoy this book.

But let me tell you, they have explained all the symbols in crochet,

and I’m sure it will not be difficult for a newbie.

I have not made much doilies from diagram,

but it was super easy for me to read the diagrams.

The other interesting fact about this book is,

they have explained the ‘anatomy’ of pineapple lace,

and it is surely going to help us to whip up our own patterns..

Here is a peep to the patterns inside…

photo 2

(not a great pic because it is a mobile shot)

Looking forward to do many more pineapple laces from it..

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time…

Have a nice day…nima

Monday, February 3, 2014

It is already the month of Love…

The New year started gracefully with a mega wedding event in our family.

We were super excited and took a 10 days trip to India to attend the wedding….

It was the shortest trip that i have ever taken to my homeland…

we enjoyed every moment of 240 hrs that we were in India …

But it was a slow start for my passion.

When i recovered from the excitement and the hangover of the trip , it was already February.

During our weekend day out on Friday,

i picked up the latest edition of Cross stitcher magazine, with a wooden heart key kit.

I was excited to work on the kit ,when i read that the time estimated for the project is 3 hrs..

I wanted to check if i can finish in that time.

With few getting ups for random things, I managed to finish it in 4 hrs..

valentine bag charm

Last year it was a shame on me that i didn’t have a single finish in cross stitch..

Now I’m glad that i could finish a small cross stitch project as my first finish for 2014.

valentines bag charm

After I finished stitching..the lovely wooden heart waited for 2 days,

for me to get the right mood to finish it into something.

bag charm

It was a key chain kit,

but I finished it into a bag charm with a cherub and few beads…

 wooden heart cross stitch felt back

Even though, i try and keep the back side of my stitching neat,

i finished the back side with a felt heart template.

I’m very happy with my sweet little first finish for 2014..

I’m sorry that i was not visiting your blogs lately…

but now I'm off to visit all my favorite blogs and catch up with all missed posts.

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima

Monday, December 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 2013…

It was indeed a beautiful year ….

I talk mostly and sometimes only about my needlework passion in this small page..

…and this page looks abandoned, when I'm not in my creative room…

….and it happened few times this year too..

It is not that i can be creative only when I'm in my room…

….but that never happens when I'm not in my comfort zone..

… i usually step out of my comfort zone to do my priorities, even though needlework is my passion.

2013 was a year, i decided to learn something new other than needlework…

…that was silk painting…..

silk painiting

It was an awesome experience of learning to paint on silk under the guidance of Sharmila.

At times my blog readers saw an overflow of crochet doilies…It is always relaxing for me to work on a doily…

these are some of my favorites from this year and also the challenging ones…

crochet doilies

2013, also saw me taking another step, by selling some of my handmade stuff online thru Avenue 247

1000 orange 

I did some beautiful quilting, appliqué and decorative stitches,

with my new toy Janome 8900 …

sewing quilting 

I’m glad that i could finish of one of my WIP from 2011.

When i finished all other WIP from that list…

this afghan was sitting peacefully in the cupboard with just few hours of work remaining..

christmas afghan 

When i leave 2013, I have one cross stitch kit in WIP bag…

…hope to finish it and show you all soon ..

Looking forward to learn many more new techniques in needlecraft in the coming year.

….Moving to another beautiful year is really exciting.

I will be completing 9th year of blogging….

Hope and pray everything goes peaceful in 2014…with No War,  No Calamities…

Until we see next year…

Wishing you a beautiful 2014….nima

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ultimate doilies…for the season

My doily craziness continues…

This doily is named as Innovative Idea

in the Ultimate doily collection by Patricia Kristofferson.

red ultimate doilies

This Christmas red doily is made of Red Heart No. 10 thread

and finished size is 13”diameter.

ultimate red doily 

I was looking out for challenging doilies and decided to get this pattern book…

ooooffff…but this was ultimate challenging..

Most challenging part was the last round…

which took 4 hrs to finish…

now i need a break with something relaxing.

doily red 

But i really love my finished doily…

and it really worth the effort.

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments.

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima