Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hardanger Christmas Ornament

This is my  hardanger designing attempt using Jane’s cross stitch gold…
hardanger christmas heart
hardanger christmas tree heart
 Hardanger christmas heart 2
Christmas heart
In the hardanger graph, each square represents 2 threads of the fabric and i have stitched holly motifs 1 over 1. So I had to put the holly motifs outside the heart graph, for the reference.You can stitch the holly motifs 1 over 1 on the dotted place .
If you work it on 22ct fabric you will get a 4.5 inches Ornament.
Please feel free to use this hardanger pattern for your Christmas crafting.
My tree is up and it was so nice to put all my handmade stuff to decorate the tree. I’ll try and post the pictures of few of my ornaments that i made earlier years..
It’s so nice to see all inspiring Christmas ideas around the blog land…
Until next time…
Have a nice day…nima


  1. Wow! They are amazing!!! And thank you for the patterns!

  2. Gorgeous Nima.
    Thank You , your generosity is appreciated..:)

  3. Those are awesome!! buttonhole stitch doesn't agree with me though!

  4. Nimaaa its really gorgeous.. how did u learn it? thank u for the pattern.. but before attempting on it i will have to take lessons from you!:):)

  5. Very impressive Nima! You are designing! You are always welcome to meet with our Hardanger group on Sundays. Just let me know ok??!!

  6. Your hearts are beautiful! Wish I could do that! :0)

  7. I just visited your blog for the first time and love all the things you do. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing the patterns. I want to try the "hardanger" ornament, but that may come after Christmas. Nola

  8. Felicidades amiga por tus trabajos me gusta mucho el hatdanger pero solo que cuesta mucho conseguir diseños ,un saludito a la distancia y que Dios te bendiga.

  9. Its so.....beautiful Nima...
    I am so impressed with the design and it has a serene look.
    Great work!!

  10. This is just gorgeous, Nima! You inspire me!!!

  11. Thank you very much for your wonderful ornaments!

  12. Very pretty and neat Nima! All the works you have done around this Christmas time are looking great..Kind of spreading cheer around. And yes, great that you got published. :)

  13. It's gorgeous, Nima! Beautiful work!

  14. Gorgeous Nima, love it so much

    Thanks for the pattern

    Have a nice time

  15. Wow what a beautifull hardanger pieces you made.
    I just looked trough your blog, you make very beautifull things!!

  16. Beautiful hearts.... Thank you...


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