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How to sew an easy reversible table runner

When i posted my new table runner for my new living room, i got many request for a tutorial to make it. I tried to explain to many of you thru mails….i know a picture tutorial will be more helpful than that. So when i made a new table runner with Christmas theme fabric, i tried to take few pictures, which i hope will help you try out this simple runner.
This is my new table runner..just displayed for a photo shoot..
christmas table runer
…you can expect a different picture  of it during my Christmas blogging.
Here comes the picture tutorial. All the images are clickable for a better view.
It’s a beginner project , so anyone who is using the sewing machine for the first time, this is a project for you too…..
Finished size of the table runner is L64”xW14”…
You can choose the fabric size according to the finished size that you need. It’s a simple mathematics add 1/2” extra to the length and the width.
I took 2 pieces of fabric of 64.5” x 14.5” size to get a finished  size of 64”x14”
Take 2 different pieces of fabric, so that your runner will be reversible and you can use both the sides…
This is my 2 different pieces of fabric folded lengthwise and pressed well..
Place the ruler at 45degree angle on the folded side, cut it to get a triangle edge…
open the fabric…and you will get a perfect triangle edge…
…do the same for both the sides of 2 pieces of the fabric…
If you are using a heavy fabric like upholstery fabric, you can avoid the next step.
If you are using a soft fabric i would advice you to use light weight iron on interfacing to give the fabric some body…
…iron it on the wrong side of both the fabrics and trim away the excess interfacing…
Keep the right sides together and pin it down to make it ready to sew…
….mark a 5” on the length side to leave it without stitching, so that we can bring the right side out after sewing…
Use your 1/4” foot for sewing…if you are not familiar with a quarter inch foot….Google search image and check if you have something similar along with your machine. For some sewing machines we need to get it as an extra attachment…if you have a 1/4” foot sewing is easy for this runner….or else you can mark a 1/4” inch on the fabric and you can sew on that line…just see how easy if you have a 1'/4” foot..
…you can sew it around with perfect 1/4” seam allowance….
make sure you double stitch at the opening we have marked not to stitch…
when you reach the corners…sew it like this…to get perfect corners…
and cut the corner tip before you bring the right side out..
Sew around and bring the right side out thru  the opening and finger press the edges and make sure all the corners have come out and tuck the opening inside and then iron it thoroughly to get a perfect finish..
Pin down the opening…and sew a top stitch around the runner…and sew the opening as you top stitch..
Use the 1/4” foot again and sew inside…like this
…1/4” inside from the top stitch…1/4” foot makes it easy to sew it.
Finish of the sewing and attach a matching tassel at the 2 corners…
….that’s it your table runner is ready …and you can proudly display it on your table..
Please feel free to ask me if you have any doubt in this tutorial.
Hope to see many more table runners in the blog land in the coming days.
If you have done it, please let me know…i can see your work and i can feature it in my blog…if you are not a blogger please feel free to mail me the finished runner image,  I'll post it in my blog and will show your work to the world.
Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments.
Until next time..
Have a nice day…nima


  1. diventi sempre più brava, i tuoi lavori sono davvero belli.

  2. Wow Nima, Lovely fabric, and super easy table runner.
    I did a similar one in a different manner, I folded the top portion of the rectangular fabric from both sides like an envelope, but I think this one is easier.

  3. Wonderful instructions and I just love the runner!!

  4. Very nice~~~~~ Thanks for the instructions!!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial Nima...It is really fabulous...

  6. the picture tutes are so helpful Nima.I also tried one, following a tute I found online, but your method looks easy.Thanks for sharing :))

  7. Thanks for the amazing instructions! You make this look easy...

  8. Such a pretty piece and one excellent tute! Thanks so much.

  9. Nima,
    You are so clever! Your runner is lovely. I will have to remember your tutorial for when I make my Christmas gifts.

  10. Wow.., Elegant work Nima !! Fabric is Super !!!
    Thanks for the instruction!

  11. Thanks Nima for tutorial. picture is worth a thousand words!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous Nima. Love your choice of fabrics

  13. Ohh how fast and easy to make, Thank you Nima for posting the pics along with quick instructions.
    I might add that the same can be done longer for a mantlepiece or dresser cover. I'd add just a lite all cotton batting for protection if using the runner during meals.
    Love it.
    Visiting your blog through Mayya!

  14. What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing...

  15. Hello Nima... how are you...
    Looks great and your tutorial makes it so simple .... love the fabric and colour very much

  16. Beautiful table runner. would love to give it a try.

  17. that is so amazing nima...thanks for the tutorial.

  18. OMG!! This girl is inspirining no end no end no end:)))u r pushing me towards my xmas theme fabric stash nima:)))..ur xmas runner, ,,glorious it is!!!!

  19. creative passions-sushma blogspot.comJanuary 12, 2012 at 12:26:00 PM GMT+4

    wow so easy must give it a try .

  20. what a clear tutorial!!Even a beginner can stitch a runner by reading this post..oh..nima ! U r truely blessed!..A big hug from me..


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