Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crochet coin purse

I was fascinated by the cute coin purse that was hanging around in the blog land and on pinterest.
But i couldn’t find the purse frame that is used to make this purse in our local stores.
During my last visit to Craft land Dubai, i picked up one frame ,just to try how it works…
…and here is the cute thing…..
crochet coin purse
I couldn’t find a perfect tutorial for this project, but it was easy to make from all the picture clues…
I will try and tell you with few pictures, how i made it .
The number of crochet stitches vary according to the size of the frame.
so you have to find the number of stitches you need for your frame.
Here is how I did…
This pattern goes in round so please use stitch markers
Round 1 : Make a magic ring with 6 Sc.
Round 2: 2 sc on each sc of last round ( 12 Sc)
Round 3: 2 Sc on first sc, 1 Sc on next and complete that round (18 Sc)
Round 4: 2 Sc on first sc, 1 Sc each on next 2 sc and complete the round (24Sc)
Round 5: 2 Sc on first sc, 1 Sc each on next 3 sc and complete the round  (30 Sc)
Round6: 2 Sc on first sc, 1 Sc each on next 4 sc and complete the round  (36 Sc)
Round 7: 2 Sc on first sc, 1 Sc each on next 5 sc and complete the round  (42 Sc)
Round 8: 2 Sc on first sc, 1 Sc each on next 6 sc and complete the round (48 Sc)
Check your crochet piece with the size of your frame
 crochet coin purse - step 2 crochet coin purse - step 1
If you need a bigger size, go on increasing few more rounds with 54 Sc or 60 Sc until you reach the desired size for your frame.
If you feel that this is the perfect size for your frame, then stop increasing the stitches.
Round 9 : Sc on each Sc, make sure you are using stitch marker, so that you will not miss the number of rounds you took.
I took 16 rounds of 48 Sc each to get the desired size for my purse.
crochet coin purse 3
Before you fix this crochet piece to your frame, make a fabric or felt lining for this..
Make a template out of this crochet piece and cut 2 pieces from your favorite fabric or felt..
crochet coin purse 4 crochet coin purse 5
Keep the right sides together and sew it with 1/4 inch seam allowance.
crochet coin purse 6
Ok…keep that lining piece aside…and now we work with the frame and the crochet piece.
Sew the crochet piece to the frame with the same yarn..
(I have seen online, frames without this sewing holes, in that case you need super glue and need to fix it…
and that you will have to do after attaching the lining)
crochet coin purse 7  crochet coin purse 8
After fixing the crochet piece to the frame, now it is the time to hand sew the lining piece…
crochet coin purse 10
Insert the lining piece with wrong side facing the crochet piece, with a 1/4 inch fold at the top like in the picture…
Do a blind hem and fix it to the crochet…
crochet coin purse 11
That’s it…your cute purse is ready to hold your coins…
crochet coin purse 13
Here is the cute crochet coin purse….
crochet coin purse 12
Now i regret that i didn’t pick more frames.
I want to try  this with other crochet motifs and want to try a similar quilted purse too.
Hope I can find this frame next time i go there…
Thank you so much for stopping by…
Until next time..
Have a nice day…nima

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  1. what a perfect little finish nima.....the frames looks so elegant.....very beautiful purse...

  2. Thanks so much for the tute Nima!!! I am going to try this soon. Your purse is looking very good!

  3. You did such a nice job on that. Can' believe it's a first try. Very cute little finish.

  4. Oh how lovely Nima. I must try to find somewhere online where to buy these from. Thanks for the link to the Dubai craft fair too. It must have been a wonderful experience going there. Pity they don't do them here:(

  5. This is a great tutorial! It's so cute and you included lots of pictures so we could do it ourselves. Thanks for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!

  6. I found a few in daiso and have half done ones .Yours turned out sooo cute!

  7. Am speechless Nima !.You have now mastered this art!!its an absolute beauty!!!:)

  8. aahhhh.. u wont blv
    i was searching for this pattern since evening n its now 12.00 am
    n finally i found it here
    so thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this.. :)

  9. Replies
    1. Erica, Sorry you are a no-reply blogger, i couldn't get in touch with you...It is a 3.5" clasp

  10. What size hook did you use? The purse is fabulous!!! :)

    1. Teri, it is Laura knitting yarn no.4 with crochet hook 3. The hook size vary with the yarn size.

  11. hi can i know where in dubai u found them please, and thank you for the tutorial.
    can u answer me please on my email.
    thank you

  12. Hi nima, went to dubai this week, and passed by craftland but no luck, they are out of stock.
    Do u know any other shop.
    By the way loved the shop, fascinating.
    bought a lot of things. But sad did not find any coin frames.
    Thank you.
    Please reply to:

  13. Hi, do u know any other shop than craftland in dubai, as its already out of stock and was sad. No luck.
    Loved the shop by the way.
    Please can u reply to this email.
    thank you.

  14. Super little purse, thank you for sharing it .... best wishes
    Jay X


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