Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More snowflakes from the desert…

I love stitching snowflakes. But i have not seen snow in real, other than the Ski I live in a Desert and my home is in the Tropics and no chance to see snow for real.

Two years ago while playing with my then new toy, Jane Greenoff’s cross stitch Designer gold , i whipped up few snowflakes to finish it into an ornament. I am excited to see it is the popular post on my blog and there is about 30,000 page views for that post. I saw many pins and repins on the pinterest  too.

I’m glad that many of you liked it and hope that you are using that snowflakes pattern for this Christmas too.

I’m in the process of stitching a snowflakes runner and whipped up few many snowflakes.

I have few more snowflakes patterns to share with you.

Before i show and share you the pattern here is a small mat i made out of the snowflakes.

candle mat

I stitched the snowflakes on zweigart  14 count aida fabric, and finished the edge with gold tinted crochet.

I’m not really sure how I'm going to use it…for the time being, my small nativity scene is displayed on it.

nativity on candle mat

Now to the pattern…

There are 8 different snowflakes, together in 2 sets of pattern…

Feel free to use this snowflakes pattern for your personal stitching pleasure.

cross stitch snowflakes 2012 cross stitch snowflakes 2012 b

I’m sure you will enjoy stitching, your style of snowflakes in whatever colour you like.

If you use it, please do share it with me,I would love to see how you finish this pattern. 

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments…

Will come back soon with another Christmas finish.

Until next time…

Have a nice day…nima


  1. Nima..ur snowflake stitched doily is very nice..!
    .I saved those it ur own pattern...?thanks dear...

  2. That mat is lovely.. great way to show off those 'desert snowflakes'. Thanks for the little patterns!

  3. Beautiful snowflakes! I love how you chose to finish them. Thank you so much for the free patterns!!

  4. Your snowflakes doily is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these snowflakes designs!


  5. P.S. I would be more than happy to share the snow with you. :)

  6. This looks very elegant! :)

    Thank you for visiting and joining me Nima! :) you are a great artist doing lot of things since childhood. Like you, I too love making all kinds of needlework things and I would say I am inspired to do more after seeing your work.:)

    1. Preeti,

      Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comment.

  7. Dearest Nima,
    Your work is absolutely beautiful.
    I live in the desert too , but no tropics here for us. We do however, get a very small share of snow at times and can get very cold here.

    Your mat is beautiful and TFS you snowflake patterns as I need to do really quick gift. I will be sure to send you a pic of it when I am done.

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you so much Jackie, i'll be looking forward to see what you are going to finish it into.

  8. You are so sweet to share these patterns with us. I am working on a white on blue snowflake cross-stitch and I am using your charts. Thank you so very much.


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