Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to sew a simple easy table runner

I made a new runner with the beautiful fabric my dear friend Ninu gifted me when i was in India.

snowflakes table runner 

This is an upholstery weight fabric, so i decided to finish it using mitered corner technique.

It was a quick project and i would suggest this method works fine with any heavy fabric.

snow flakes runner

This is going to be  a perfect easy beginner project

for anyone who is using the sewing machine for the first time, 

for anyone who is still hanging on in their comfort zone, 

but still want to make something to decorate your home for Christmas.

come on …try it out..

This technique is not my invention, and you can find many similar tutorials…

But i will try and explain it to you with few pictures, how i did it.

Here comes the picture tutorial…

All images are clickable for better view..

Finished size of this table runner is L67”xW15”…

You can choose the fabric size according to the finished size that you need.

It is just a simple mathematics, add 4” to the length and 2” to the width.

Hemmed edge of a heavy fabric can be bulky,

so It will be nice if you can overcast it, or a simple zigzag stitch would be fine.

runner 1

Fold the fabric length wise, keep a ruler at the fold and measure 45 degree and cut it..

runner 2

open it, you will get triangle edges at the width and it will look like this

 runner 3

do this to both width side edges and we are ready to start …

keep your ruler handy, now I'm going to talk to you in geometry..

Don’t worry if you were scared of geometry in school…here it is just going to be drawing…no use of numbers for angle..

  draw 2” width line at the triangle in the pictures below..

runner 4

now the triangle edge will look like this

runner 5

Now draw an intersecting line at the point 2 lines join…like this

runner 6

now draw another line thru the intersecting point of these 3 lines…like this

runner 7

Hope you got the idea…we did all these drawings to find this intersection.. more geometry..

Now we are going to fold the runner length wise with the right side this

runner 8

Finish of this drawing steps for both triangle edges of the runner,

and take it to the sewing machine.

We need to sew on the 3rd line that we drew..the line parallel to the ruler..

runner 9

…like this

runner 10

now leave a 1/4” seam allowance and cut the edge..

runner 11

that’s the same on both triangle edges…

and clip at the fold to open the seam..

this is the time for you to attach the tassel if you are planning to use it

insert the tassel string thru this corner from the right side of the fabric..

(sorry my pics don’t have tassel, because i did a smaller version of it with a pom pom which i fixed at the end)

runner 12 bring the right side will look like this..

Iron it to make the clean fold..

runner 13

hope you are doing both edges together..

now fold the side ( both sides) like the below image

runner 14 

…to carry this fold evenly, i prefer to draw a line like this..

runner 15

ok…iron the fold, pin it if needed..take it to the machine..

runner 16

and sew all around at a shot…

make sure your bobbin has perfectly matching thread to the fabric..

it is going to show off..

or use a contrast one if you want to give that effect..

i would prefer a perfectly matching thread…

That’s it…you finished making the runner

runner 17

this is the one I made with a is cute …right..

It is a smaller version of the runner …planning to use it as a table topper..

It is easy right…

Please let me know the feedback..

Thank you so much for stopping by..

Until next time…

Have a nice day…nima


  1. Beautiful,red color and snowflakes!!!
    Very nice tutorial!
    Greetings and good luck!

  2. nima ..its a wonderful tutorial!! thank u dear ...ur fabric is so pretty..i will try this method next time..

    1. Thank you is an easy pattern

  3. It looks very beautiful and elegant runner !!:) thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

  4. Beautifly done !!!!!
    Have a nice week !

  5. Very cute and christmassy. The way you set your runner reminds me of a shop in lulu mall in kochi. I love the pompom one.

  6. Lovely Christmassy fabric. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial Nima, you done it perfectly.

  8. GREAT tut! Beautiful runner as well. Thx ~

  9. What beautiful piece! And the tutorial is so well done. Thanks for that.. I'm going to pin it for future reference.

  10. beautiful Nima the fabric is so pretty Nice tutorial too

  11. Wow, lovely tutorial Nima. Thank you Nima. I have been procrastinating dusting my sewing machine for over 1.5 years now!! Hope to start with this


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