Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another beauty from the Ultimate doilies..

Looks like I talk about only crocheting doilies these days…

yes as i said is a therapy for me…

and i need this therapy for some more time..until my mind settles down…

ultimate doily with bead edging

This beauty is again from the collection of

Ultimate doilies by Patricia Kristofferson..

I know it is a teaser picture…but it was a bit challenging

to take a good picture while sun was playing hide and seek..

ultimate doily with  beads 2

This doily is 14” from point to point and made out of locally available No. 10 thread.

I love to work with No.10 thread and hook size 1.25mm/4,

when is comes to intricate pattern…

on gold sheet

There are many more patterns in that collection,

and I'm looking forward to do in coming days..

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima


  1. It's a beauty! Love the patterns in this book!

  2. Your doily is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about crocheting being therapy for you. It is for me too. I just looked through this pattern book again last night. It's a good one.

    1. Thank you so much . Yes it has a collection of some beautiful doilies

  3. Nima, it is absolutely gorgeous! You are tempting me to start a new hobby.

  4. Wow!! That's just a gorgeous doily, Nima!! :) very neat and I love the red beads you have added.
    I have some PK books but not this one. Making doilies is a relaxing therapy for me too, maybe, I like going round and repeat and that comes easy to me.

  5. Gorgeous !!!!
    Have a nice wekend !

  6. oo I love making doilies too although its been a while since I made some. this one is so beautiful, the size 10 brings out the textures of the doily beautifully and the red beads are a nice touch too,

  7. wow its very nice.....
    i am making doilies but yours are superb.... actually am a beginner in this and i don't know the blocking method.... plz help me...

    1. Thank you salini...i have send you a pm with details of blogging...hope you got it.

  8. Timeless and beautiful! Your work is perfect!!

  9. Nima,

    You do amazing work requiring lots of patience and focus! Wow!


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