Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crazy about pineapple lace

I think all doily makers love pineapple lace..

Recently my friend Ninu, introduced a new doily book to me ..

and i went crazy making pineapple lace…

pink pineapple

This one is in very light pink, not a branded cotton thread…

It is almost similar to Anchor knitting cotton…

I got size 22” with this size thread, but i think finer thread looks better for this pattern.

I decided to try a pillow this time…i have not tried a crochet pillow before…

pineapple pillow

For this i used the Anchor knitting cotton…

I reduced the size of the pattern to make it suitable for my cushions..

It is a 16” cushion insert, so i made an 18” lace

and lined it with matching fabric.

Now let me introduce the pattern book,

It is a Japanese pattern book in English with patterns in diagram.

pineapple lace book

When i saw beautiful pineapple patterns, i was so excited to get this book..

I checked online to order and I got it thru Sapnaonline.

Their service was quick and i picked it up when i went to India for 10 days.

It is an awesome book and perfect treasure for all pineapple pattern lovers.

But it has patterns only in diagram with a short pattern description.

So those who like to work with diagrams will enjoy this book.

But let me tell you, they have explained all the symbols in crochet,

and I’m sure it will not be difficult for a newbie.

I have not made much doilies from diagram,

but it was super easy for me to read the diagrams.

The other interesting fact about this book is,

they have explained the ‘anatomy’ of pineapple lace,

and it is surely going to help us to whip up our own patterns..

Here is a peep to the patterns inside…

photo 2

(not a great pic because it is a mobile shot)

Looking forward to do many more pineapple laces from it..

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time…

Have a nice day…nima


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much loredana for your lovely comment

  2. Your doily is beautiful, and that pillow is to die for! Love the lavender color too! Sounds like a neat book.

    1. Thank you so much Pammy..yeah the book is has a good collection of pineapple laces

  3. beautifull, your a star in lace crochet!!
    good luck with trying out more patterns from that book

  4. Beautiful doily, Nima!! And the cushion is lovely :) I never tried this online website, will check it .

    1. Thank you so much Preeti. Yes that website was new for me too..Because the book was available in their store in Banglore, i decided to shop from there. But the descriptions were not good. I could shop this book, just because my friend recomened and i knew what is inside..Otherwise i may not like that site.

  5. beautiful doily and cushion Nima, so when are we going to start the CAL?

  6. Beautiful !!!!!
    Have a nice day !

  7. very pretty..I too love the pineapples.

  8. Hi Nima: love your doilies. When I crocheted I did a pineapple doily too, for my Mom. Don't know where it went though. :). It was fun I remember! Happy day to you! :)

  9. Beautiful crochet. the pineapple design is always so appealing .

  10. Hi Nima !
    I luv all ur crochet work. The pineapple doily and the cushion cover is looking beautiful and so neat.

  11. both the projects are beautiful! I have that book too.Its lovely :)


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