Monday, February 3, 2014

It is already the month of Love…

The New year started gracefully with a mega wedding event in our family.

We were super excited and took a 10 days trip to India to attend the wedding….

It was the shortest trip that i have ever taken to my homeland…

we enjoyed every moment of 240 hrs that we were in India …

But it was a slow start for my passion.

When i recovered from the excitement and the hangover of the trip , it was already February.

During our weekend day out on Friday,

i picked up the latest edition of Cross stitcher magazine, with a wooden heart key kit.

I was excited to work on the kit ,when i read that the time estimated for the project is 3 hrs..

I wanted to check if i can finish in that time.

With few getting ups for random things, I managed to finish it in 4 hrs..

valentine bag charm

Last year it was a shame on me that i didn’t have a single finish in cross stitch..

Now I’m glad that i could finish a small cross stitch project as my first finish for 2014.

valentines bag charm

After I finished stitching..the lovely wooden heart waited for 2 days,

for me to get the right mood to finish it into something.

bag charm

It was a key chain kit,

but I finished it into a bag charm with a cherub and few beads…

 wooden heart cross stitch felt back

Even though, i try and keep the back side of my stitching neat,

i finished the back side with a felt heart template.

I’m very happy with my sweet little first finish for 2014..

I’m sorry that i was not visiting your blogs lately…

but now I'm off to visit all my favorite blogs and catch up with all missed posts.

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time..

Have a nice day…nima


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