Sunday, April 20, 2014

It all started with Pink and Green

in a row
It all started with the discovery of pink and green rayon thread from my stash..
pink and green thread

It was there in my stash for almost 4-5 years now…
it just happened to pop out while i was searching for something else…
I was thinking what to do with this typical girlish colours…
Picked up some jewelry making stuff..and decided to make something girlish..
After making few crochet dangling almost  2 years back, i have not made any crochet jewelry..

crochet bangles with butterfly charm

I decided to whip up a pair of  bangles with few charms,
for my friend’s daughter who celebrated her first teen birthday on April fools day..

crochet earings

I just loved this earrings too …

I also tried a crochet pendant in this pretty pink and green..

pendant with chain

I’m not really a jewelry maker, but always love to whip up something girlish..

pendant in pink and green

that’s it for now…

Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comments..
Until next time..
Have a nice day..nima


  1. Really beautiful jewelry !!!
    Have a nice day too !

  2. I Love them all. The wie/threads looks so awesome. Really beautifull!!
    Love to see you so more things like this!!

  3. They are really lovely - inspiring me to try crocheting with beads! :D

    1. Thank you so much..glad to know my project inspired you

  4. The jewellery is yum and the colors are yum,yum ....Nima!! The word "Rayon" brought the not so blog hopping currently "me" here :)

  5. Hi Nima! All jewelry items turned out great! I love the pendant too! I tried my hand at crochet jewelry, but it's been a while I made something new. I still have some pretty cotton threads to make it with! Thanks for inspiring!

  6. How pretty! They turned out so perfect. I adore that pendant!

  7. Wow !! So sweet and lovely !! :) The colors are just perfectly pretty. Very neat job, Nima ! The jewellery has turned out very elegant .

  8. Nima, they are just lovely! The colours go really well together, now I think I have some of this thread in my stash somewhere too.....:D

  9. What a pretty color combination. Very pretty Nima

  10. I can't get over how pretty all of this crochet jewelry is! The colors are so soft and feminine. Just lovely, Nima!!

  11. I love this Nima, and the photographs are just wow! now the photos do really justice for your effort!

  12. It is awesome what you have here, Nima. I especially love the bangles. I don't know if you have a tutorial for dummies (like me), but I shall see and give them a try.

  13. so beautiful nima. love the colors you used, and love the photography :)


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