Friday, June 6, 2014

Another CAL with my friend

At times life can get busy with only time for our priorities... Month of May was something like that with a relocation and family events...

Even though I was busy , my mind was relaxed and hands were busy with a Crochet along that I was working on with my best buddy Ninu..

This beautiful doily pattern is from the book Pineapple doily, which I have already blogged about..

I started the project while this 4 seater was our formal dining table.. But when we moved to our new place the table was transformed into our breakfast table.. Hmmm.. 

I used cotton yarn to make a doily into tablecloth. It decently covers my 40" table with enough hang around. The finished size is 60"... And I just love this on my breakfast table.

This is a quick post and pics are not great.. I'm moving out of my den for few day... Can be few weeks... Sometimes it can be few months until I come back...

Sweet good bye to all my followers and thank you for stopping by with your lovely comments..

Until next time

Have a nice day.... Nima

Ps: sorry I couldn't post link to my friend Ninu's page or to Pineapple doily book. Hope my readers will be familiar with their links from my previous posts. This is the first time I'm posting from my iPad.


  1. Olá,
    adorei sua toalha de abacaxi. Também faço crochê, mas assim redonda não consigo fazer, fica um chapéu. Muito bonito, parabéns
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

  2. Lovely work! Can't believe you crocheted something so large! Your fingers must fly.

    1. Thank you so much Annie... Yeah it was kind of flying..and it was the best project i could choose to leep my mind relaxed

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Vikki.. You are always an inspiration to me to work on large projects

  4. Wow, upsizing a doily into such a gorgeous tablecloth! Just lovely Nima!!

    1. Thank you so much Preeti... It was my first attempt to upsize a doily..

  5. Gorgeous piece and perfect for the table.


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