Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting back to my sewing room

It is always a pleasure for me to come back to my sewing room and day dream. 

After getting an exclusive space for my passion in our new house, I'm yet to settle down properly.. I need some more time to make this space picture perfect. 

But the view outside the room is pretty green during this hot weather, when the temperature outside is around 40 degree Celsius during the mid day.

I'm back home after a few weeks trip to India. 

I usually shop fabrics and crochet threads while in India, this time I thought I have enough stash and I will not shop anything .

But I couldn't resist myself when I saw some rich trimmings,


And some pretty laces...

And my friend Ninu added 2 more to my pretty lace collection

Hmmmm.... It is better I start to work on something seriously...than day dreaming..

Hope to come back soon with something interesting...

Until next time...

Have a nice day.... Nima


  1. Nice purchases ! Time to do something with them ! But with 40ºc it will be hard....
    Have a great day !

    1. Thank you so much Anna for stopping by. With airconditioning..it is fine inside...but outdoor..we can just sit and watch thru window..it is too hot..:)

  2. Lovely trims and laces:) I am sure you will create loads of prettiness with those.

    1. Thank you so much Preeti..I look forward to make something pretty..

  3. Que coisas lindas trouxestes na mala. Adorei. Quando viajo adoro comprar sabonete e enfeites, nunca pensei em coisas assim. E eu adoro fazer crochê. Vou começar a percorrer lojas assim também hahaha
    Quero ver depois o que tu vais fazer.
    Bjos tenha um ótimo dia e mande um calorzinho pra cá, aqui está muito frio.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I always look out for craft supplies when i travel...It is kind of addiction now..

    2. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm addicted to craft supplies and look out for it while i travel..

  4. The view from your sewing space looks lovely. Although, 40 degrees is too hot to do any sort of crafting so you are totally right to daydream about crafting :)

  5. Wow very pretty laces Nima. Eager to see how you use them :)

    1. Yeah Akila...i have to use it soon...no more excuses


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